CHESCO Services

Contractors use CHESCO Coring & Cutting for new construction work as well as renovations of existing buildings. Conventional methods such as breakers, wrecking balls or blasting increase time on the job, create a lot of dust and noise, and potentially harm the integrity of the structure through vibration. CHESCO’s cutting and drilling methods illuminate these concerns. The CHESCO cutting and drilling techniques create openings in concrete floors and walls for new plumbing, electrical conduits and HVAC in a timely, safe, and cost effective manner.

Facilities such as water treatment plants, sewers, power stations and dam walls are constructed with heavy reinforcing bars and more often than not have limited access and potential hazards. CHESCO has more than adequate experience in dealing with these challenges where precision cutting and maintaining the structural integrity of the surrounding concrete is of prime importance.

Areas Served

CHESCO serves the following areas on a daily basis:


CHESCO Coring & Cutting is not limited, and will travel to other states on the eastern seaboard or internationally.

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